Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner? Jenna Lee  

Jenna Lee is a 26-year-old soloist at the English National Ballet. She is an active member of the Education team and has even found time to choreograph some ballet pieces. Here she chooses her guests for her imaginary dinner party…

The first person on my list is Ashley Banjo, the lead choreographer of Diversity. I do some choreography myself and I love break dancing so he is top of my list. After dinner I’d have a bit of a breaking session with him. He’s so good! I do some work with young people and I know he’s a really good idol for them – to keep them off the streets and put their energy into something good. He’s hot as well!
My second person would be Alan Carr because he is so funny in whatever situation – it might be quite an awkward dinner party – and he would just break the ice. He’s my favourite stand-up.  Meryl Streep, the actress, would be next on my guest list. She’s absolutely brilliant. I imagine her walking in like Miranda Priestley, her character in The Devil Wears Prada although I know she wouldn’t! It would be great to get the real gossip from behind the scenes in Hollywood.
My fourth choice is Jessica Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit.  She and Meryl Streep would be amazing – they would have a feisty ‘woman-off’! With Alan Carr on the other side of Jessica Rabbit, I’m sure he’d have a few things to say too!
Then I would have Princess Diana. She was the patron of the ENB and was quite important to us here. She did a lot for the company. The whole country was so obsessed with what happened when she died. It was so tragic and there were so many questions. It would be quite interesting to see what she would have said. She was so stunning and to be in her company would be amazing.
The sixth person would be my youngest sister – am I allowed this? She’s my best friend and we get on so well. Her name is Emma and she would definitely be there, partly because she would kill me if she wasn’t invited!
In my flat we have a circular table and I really like this at dinner parties so we can also sit around. It’s perfect. There would be quite a lot of pressure in doing the cooking but I think I would have a go because if you’re lucky enough to host a dinner party like that, then I would have to put the effort in and do it. What would I cook? Oh no! Maybe I would just go to the local curry house! Actually my idol is Jamie Oliver so I might just invite him round to do the cooking!

And you are..?

Name: Jenna Lee

Age: 26

Born: Weymouth

Occupation: Soloist, English National Ballet

Career path: Age 11 Royal Ballet School, Age 16 Continued training at the English National Ballet who gave her a contract in 2002.

Roles: Queen of Hearts, Alice in Wonderland, Queen of the Wilis, Giselle

Choreography includes Ballet Rocks, a cutting edge Brit-packed short dance film that Jenna choreographed for Sky Artsworld in 2005; Bestival with Rob Da Bank; The Beautiful Game.