A fantastic opportunity is available to young film-makers who are invited to submit an original work to the 11th annual Imperial War Museum Film Festival. A panel of film and history experts will shortlist the final Festival programme to be screened from November 28 until February 24 at IWM London. Winners will be selected in the categories of Annie Dodds Award for Best Documentary, Best Imaginative Response to the Subject of War and Audience Poll. Entries must be submitted by October 31st. For further details, click your way to www.iwm.org.uk.

Headlong Theatre Company ran a competition recently asking film-makers to express their response to the question: What is the legacy of 9/11, 10 years on? The best submissions will be shown on their website and possibly in the performance space during its run of Decade at Commodity Quay, St Katharine Docks, London. Check out the website at www.decadeheadlong.com for films and play details.

Debate about film adaptations has been fierce since the release of the David Nicholls weepie One Day. If this fabulous novel was on your summer reading list, then I wonder if you went to see the film? Another piece of celluloid that is guaranteed to keep us talking is the new adaptation of Jane Eyre – yet another outing for Charlotte Bronte’s novel. From the trailers, Cary Fukunaga’s film looks like it will be true to the novel – it looks quite dark, and Mia Wasikowska’s Jane looks suitably plain. It’s always great to have a film version of a book to offer students but as Ink Pellet’s passim testify, we have to handle with care! Whatever, you won’t be able to catch me on September 9 when it is released – I’ll be in the cinema, munching popcorn!

Finally, film-lovers – don’t forgot to book your seat for the NT Live season which includes Richard Bean’s One Man, Two Guv’nors and Arnold Wesker’s The Kitchen. It’s a cost-effective alternative to theatre and worth a go. For more details, take a look at www.nationaltheatre.org.uk.