Book Review: Three Plays  

by Robert Alan Evans

Published by Samuel French

Three short, experimental and heat-warming plays are tucked into this tome that could be used by both drama and English teachers, as well as youth theatre groups. Very different in content and tone, each one appeals to experiences that will be familiar to young audiences.

Pondlife, created by the author with Andy Manley and Gill Robertson, tells the story of two unlikely friends: Brummie ‘ or bummie’ new boy Martin who is rescued from a beating from bullies by Simon. Martin’s honour, however, is tested – and found wanting. Evans explores the rollercoaster of school relationships, and the descent of friendship into betrayal, guilt and regret with a deft and knowledgeable insight.

Kappa is a darker tale, of a lad who enters a parallel universe and is torn between his new, hard gang mates and his yearning for home. First performed by one actor in a classroom, the play holds endless possibilities for performance as an ensemble piece or a monologue. Certainly, it will encourage a creative take on setting.

My favourite is Mikey and Addie: two youngsters, different in personality, similar in that they are different from their peers: Mikey believes his father is an astronaut. Detached from reality in more ways than one, he is in contrast to super organised Addie, playground monitor with a penchant for hole punching and underlining. The pair come together in a bittersweet coming-of-age moment. This piece was created with Andy Manley.

Each play is open to be told in ‘whatever you want’ urges Evans in his notes. The stories will resonate and deserve to be shared. They will certainly be enjoyed.

Review by Lesley Finlay