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Ink Pellet’s book review section covers an eclectic selection of new fiction, teachers’ guides, audio books and classics.

Many of our reviews are written by teachers, so we have an expert eye on how texts will work in the classroom. We hope to create a useful archive of reviews so that you can use this as a reference.

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  1. Ones to watch


    A rundown of some highlights coming in 2011...

  2. Hattori Hachi: Stalking the Enemy

    Hattori Hachi: Stalking the Enemy  

    A young reviewer gives the thumbs-up to Jane Prowse's latest novel...

  3. How to Teach

    How to Teach  

    You have to take your hat off to anyone who has spent half a lifetime firing the enthusiasm of inner city children...

  4. Romeo and Juliet


    We review The Shakespeare Comic Book Co's Romeo and Juliet...

  5. Death of a Salesman

    Death of a Salesman  

    I usually carry some sort of book around with me to pass the time on a train or bus – usually I dive into a novel but recently, and rather unusually, I have been compelled to read some of Arthur Miller’s plays. Death of a Salesman wasn’t - I’m sure – on your summer reads but I found it a real joy to read and a reminder of how important Miller’s writing still is.

  6. No and Me

    No and Me  

    As I read this book, I became increasingly exasperated by the do-gooder narrator, the self-confessed ‘intellectually precocious’ thirteen-year-old Lou Bertignac who has a ‘disturbing maturity’. However, days after finishing it, I was still haunted by its distressing subject matter and heartbreaking reality.

  7. Nicholas Dane

    Nicholas Dane  

    Charles Dickens’s novels are credited with helping to expose the dark underbelly of Victorian society. Today we enjoy Oliver Twist as a jolly musical, forgetting the horror of child exploitation and poverty depicted in the original novel.

  8. Oxford English: An International Approach, Book 1

    Oxford English:  An International Approach, Book 1  

    Sunny snapshots culled from the four corners of the globe make this book seem a tempting invitation to take an international tour.

  9. The Cardturner

    The Cardturner  

    A book for teenagers about bridge? This is a risk, a real risk, as Louis Sachar, celebrated author of Holes, admits in his introduction to his new novel The Cardturner...

  10. Inside My Head

    Inside My Head  

    Inside My Head by Jim Carrington Published by Bloomsbury At last, a book that doesn’t tell a tale of vampires lands on my desk! Inside My Head is the debut novel of teacher Jim Carrington.