1. Keith Gaines – all change (again)

    Keith Gaines – all change (again)  

    We live in interesting times. since the last issue of Ink Pellet we’ve had the sats boycott, the general election, a new coalition love-in government, new leaders, a new department and a new set of education policies. The Ks 2 sats boycott was amazing. that the nUt voted to boycott sats was hardly headline grabbing, […]

  2. Picasso: a lover and a fighter

    Picasso: a lover and a fighter  

    A major new exhibition explores the war years of Pablo Picasso. Lesley Finlay and Joanne Baldwin take a look…

  3. Win Clive Barker’s super book Theatre Games

    Win Clive Barker’s super book Theatre Games  

    This term we are giving you the chance to win Clive Barker's super book Theatre Games: A new approach to drama training, which will give you loads of ideas to encourage students to develop their technique naturally...

  4. Yes Prime Minster

    Yes Prime Minster  

    Wendy Marshall reviews Yes Prime Minster at the Chichester Festival Theatre.

  5. The Left Hand of God

    The Left Hand of God  

    It is the story of one Thomas Cale who lives in the Great Sanctuary of the Redeemers although there is very little sanctuary and even less redemption!

  6. Big Interview – Jonathan Harvey

    Big Interview – Jonathan Harvey  

    Life is all about timing and playwright Jonathan Harvey knows a thing or two about it – in terms of comedy, of course.