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  1. EXHIBITION: Art for Schools

    EXHIBITION: Art for Schools  

    There’s art out there, just waiting for you, ready to inspire your pupils and instigate cross-curricular learning. Graham Hooper discoveres a treasure trove of resources – both old and new – and hopes you will take up this fabulous opportunity.

  2. Arts1, achievements too

    Arts1, achievements too  

    Susan Elkin visits a new performing arts school in Buckinghamshire enjoying considerable success with its first cohort of graduates.

  3. Pause for thought… Essential Reading

    Pause for thought… Essential Reading  

    When are we going to start developing children as readers rather then mechanically teaching them to read and seeing that as an end in itself? Susan Elkin poses the question.

  4. Training to Stand-up

    Training to Stand-up  

    Susan Elkin delves into the world of stand-up comedy to discover an MA course in Canterbury to help you refine your skills Stand-up comedy doesn’t, at first glance, seem the sort of thing you could train for in a university. Surely, if you have the innate talent you’ll just get up and do it? Then […]

  5. Having a knees-up

    Having a knees-up  

    From playing village halls to touring Los Angeles, Kneehigh has come a long way since it began as a schools’ theatre company in the early 80s, yet its Cornish origins run deep and continue to influence its productions. Mark Glover finds out more about this extraordinary touring company. Thirty-seven years ago, a primary school teacher […]

  6. Mystery men…and a dog

    Mystery men…and a dog  

    Susan Elkin meets up with two of the leading actors in the latest revival of The Woman in White… and a dog. Iam sitting in the bar at Charing Cross Theatre in the early afternoon. With me are two engaging men and a delightful dog named Peety. Tea is laid on for me along with […]

  7. 3 Into 2 Does Go

    3 Into 2 Does Go  

    Bucking the trend… or perhaps at the forefront of a new one, Fourth Monkey are now offering an intensive two-year actor training course. When formed back in 2010, Fourth Monkey were looking to challenge what was perceived to be at the time and still in many circles today the tried, tested and only means of […]

  8. 70 years of Youth

    70 years of Youth  

    Celebrating its 70th anniversary, Susan Elkin looks at the National Youth Orchestra, which continues to excel and expand. Ruth Railton, later Dame Ruth, was a pioneer. When she founded the National Youth Orchestra 70 years ago in 1948 she was doing more than building an orchestra. She was launching a world movement and, as she […]

  9. EXHIBITION: Taking it all in

    EXHIBITION: Taking it all in  

    Our regular exhibition correspondent, Graham Hooper, marks your card for the wonderful array of exhibitions across the country this coming year. Every year seems to bring ever-bigger exhibitions. Each venue competing for higher profiling and each time it feels as though tickets get more expensive. I used to walk in off the street, no need […]

  10. PAUSE FOR THOUGHT… Eating and drinking

    PAUSE FOR THOUGHT… Eating and drinking  

    Susan Elkin champions the case for banning food and drink in theatres If you want to picnic then go to a park. In a theatre “The play’s the thing” in every sense. Eating and drinking are for elsewhere. Traditionally gentlemen bought rustly chocolates to impress the ladies they wanted to impress. Theatres sold said expensive […]