Book: The Flash: Clock King’s Time Bomb  

Review by Lesley Finlay
Published by Raintree

At the time of writing, comic fans are mourning the loss of The Dandy’s print edition and will have to move with the times to read it online. I am sure it will be a success of sorts, but there is nothing like holding smooth pages in your grubby paws.
Comics and heroes transcend time, which may account for the delightful series from Raintree featuring Super DC Heroes. This collection features The Flash the super hero alter ego of police officer Barry Allen in a series of adventures where he takes on villains.
The glossy books are beautifully illustrated; with easy to read text including the odd cartoon-style, colourful ‘zoooom’ or ‘whoosh’ that will catch the attention of the most reluctant reader.
The story will be familiar to fans of television cartoons – a dastardly villain set upon global domination, and a narrative style marked by dry humour.
At the end of the book is a useful information section; a mock web page giving a character study of The Clock King, as well as questions to use as a stimulus for debate and a glossary.
It’s not a literary masterpiece, but a great example of a much-loved literary genre. Stock up to encourage independent reading.