1. Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

    Royal Conservatoire of Scotland  

    RCS in Glasgow is the cultural beating heart of the city. Susan Elkin discovers more. Glasgow is an artistically vibrant city. Of course we all think first of Edinburgh and its famous festivals  but based, and thriving in, solid, elegant Glasgow are Scottish Opera, Scottish Ballet and Scottish Symphony Orchestra along with Citizens and Tron […]

  2. Adapting to Digital

    Adapting to Digital  

    Finding new ways to sustain revenues, support actors and provide content for schools, Blackeyed Theatre has been quick to evolve and find creative solutions to survive the pandemic. Adrian McDougall gives us an insight. It’s a bit of a cliché but when times are hard, creativity thrives. And for those working in the arts, the […]

  3. Graeae Beyond

    Graeae Beyond  

    Graeae, a cutting edge disabled-led company, has launched Beyond: a new initiative designed to remove barriers and transform the careers of Deaf and Disabled artists across the country. Susan Elkin is our guide. Eight regional theatres have signed up to offer development support, advice, training, mentoring and the use of creative spaces at every stage […]

  4. Romantics Anonymous

    Romantics Anonymous  

    Funny, tender and painfully awkward, Romantics Anonymous is a delicious love story about breaking the mould and finding the courage to be happy. Emma Rice discusses the production After the disappointmentof the Romantics Anonymous tour being cancelled how does it feel to share the work again, in an albeit slightly different way than expected? It’s hard to […]

  5. Teaching remotely. Potential for the future?

    Teaching remotely.  Potential for the future?  

    As schools return for the autumn term, Susan Elkin looks at how ‘lockdown learning’ has adapted and whether new methods learnt can be incorporated into teaching practices. 2020 has become the year in which innovation and technology has driven learning. There has been criticism of teachers who have allegedly sat at home and done little. […]

  6. Incredibly MADD!

    Incredibly  MADD!  

    Susan Elkin took a virtual tour around the wide array of courses on offer at the Midlands Academy of Dance and Drama, Nottingham. In 1967 Frances Clayton founded the Midlands Academy of Dance & Drama (known affectionately as ‘MADD’) to provide dance classes for children and young people in Nottingham. She is still its principal.  […]

  7. Natural Selection

    Natural Selection  

    Braving the elements, but enjoying the lack of crowds, Graham Hooper guides through a couple of nature-inspired exhibitions

  8. Talking Heads – BBC iPlayer

    Talking Heads – BBC iPlayer  

    Talking Heads – BBC iPlayer Review by Susan ElkinIt was an inspiration to recreate during lockdown the series of twelve monologues which Alan Bennett wrote for TV in 1998. The original series – and the printed text – will be very familiar to many secondary English and Drama teachers as a way of teaching what monologues...

  9. Book Review: Run, Rebel

    Book Review: Run, Rebel  

    Amber has an abusive, drunken father and a terrified mother who works in a menial, low paid job. Neither of her illiterate parents speak English. An arranged marriage, like her sister’s, will be Amber’s future rather than the higher education she craves...

  10. Pause for thought… Why Arts Matter

    Pause for thought… Why Arts Matter  

    Susan Elkin makes a strong case for preserving and integrating arts opportunities in schools.