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  1. Theatre: The Massacre at Paris/The Jew of Malta

    Theatre: The Massacre at Paris/The Jew of Malta  

    Lesley Finlay had a short and intense introduction to the works of Christopher Marlowe thanks to the dynamic work of the Fourth Monkey Theatre Company...

  2. Theatre: Jane Eyre

    Theatre: Jane Eyre  

    Elena Mozzato was blown away by this sensitive and thoughtful production of Charlotte Bronte's well-worn classic in two parts...

  3. Noticeboard: Theatre special


    The wonderful Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is still holding court at Theatre Royal, Drury Lane.  Book now to see the new cast which includes Barry James (Grandpa Joe), Josefina Gabrielle (Mrs Teavee), Richard Dempsey and Kirsty Malpass as Mr and Mrs Bucket, and Alex Jennings (Willy Wonka).  The new cast’s first performance is on [...]

  4. My Shakespeare Dinner Party

    My Shakespeare Dinner Party  

    Author Catherine M S Alexander chooses a dinner party guest list from William Shakespeare's it to your taste?

  5. Faulks lore

    Faulks lore  

    Birdsong by Sebastian Faulks has been hailed as one of our greatest modern novels. The sweeping story has been adapted for stage so AL SENTER took the opportunity to catch up with the author...

  6. [Exit Marlowe from the shadows]

    [Exit Marlowe from the shadows]  

    Steven Green is the Artistic Director of Fourth Monkey, the theatre company that is reviving three Christopher Marlowe plays for modern audiences. Here, he explains why the ‘forgotten playwright’ deserves a wider audience...

  7. Walk on the Wild Side

    Walk on the Wild Side  

    Towering sculptures rise from trees, others seem to leap out of hidden corners: such is the experience for visitors to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Ink Pellet explores this unique sanctuary for wildlife – not to mention a vast, living muse for artists and students...

  8. Wired for sound

    Wired for sound  

    In the second of our backstage focus articles, we look at sound. As well as now being a genuine career choice, we also look at why sound is important on stage and in the classroom...

  9. Noticeboard February

    Noticeboard February  

    All the news and views around the world of the arts...

  10. Into Film: Movie Magic

    Into Film: Movie Magic  

    A charity is given all students the chance to learn through the wonder of film...