Ink Pellet’s book review section covers an eclectic selection of new fiction, teachers’ guides, audio books and classics.

Many of our reviews are written by teachers, so we have an expert eye on how texts will work in the classroom. We hope to create a useful archive of reviews so that you can use this as a reference. If you would like to join our panel of reviewers, please join in or email the editor We hope the section inspires you to share new fiction with your pupils or to revisit old favourites yourself

  1. The future is opera

    The future is opera  

    A quiet revolution is taking place in the world of opera as LESLEY FINLAY found out with a brace of visits to see contemporary works...

  2. Let’s get digital

    Let’s get digital  

    Forward-thinking teachers are embracing the use of technology across the curriculum. LESLEY FINLAY reviews some of the ways that classrooms are entering the digital age...

  3. History as art

    History as art  

    Liz Crow’s work Resistance deals with the Nazi programme Aktion T4, which targeted disabled people. LESLEY FINLAY spoke to the film maker to find out more…

  4. Carnegie Medal:
    six of the best


    Well, it was Patrick Ness's Carnegie Medal year - as predicted by yours truly in the latest edition of Ink Pellet. Before the event, we gathered a staunch band of reviewers to cast their verdicts on the six shortlisted books...

  5. Noticeboard: April

    Noticeboard: April  

    As well as what's new in theatreland, have a look at the competitions that your pupils could take part in...

  6. Global appeal

    Global appeal  

    Globe Education has teamed up with Deutsche Bank in an innovative partnership that gives students the chance to enjoy Shakespeare for free. The season, called Playing Shakespeare with Deutsche Bank, has brought 50,000 students to Shakespeare since its inception five years ago. Here teacher TRACEY PHILLIPSON shares her experience of the play alongside students Tugce Yigit and Emily Redif…

  7. Richard Blackwood: out of the wilderness

    Richard Blackwood: out of the wilderness  

    LESLEY FINLAY caught up with actor and comedian Richard Blackwood as he seeks to right the wrongs of his troubled past in Shrek The Musical…

  8. The power of film

    The power of film  

    We love film at Ink Pellet, because it can really bring a text to life and stimulates imagination in even the most intransigent of pupils. The education charity FILMCLUB is helping more young people understand the power of film, as its head of schools SABRINA BROADBENT argues…

  9. Keith Gaines: Time for a Clegg-up

    Keith Gaines: Time for a Clegg-up  

    Our Keith Gaines (good grammar school boy) has a ponder about the Government's Social Mobility Strategy...and finds it wanting.

  10. Big interview Anthony Horowitz

    Big interview Anthony Horowitz  

    Anthony Horowitz is one of our most celebrated children’s authors. He is also an outspoken advocate for reading and literacy. LESLEY FINLAY enjoyed a chat with him…