1. The Virgin and the Gypsy: DH Lawrence

    The Virgin and the Gypsy: DH Lawrence  

    Lesley Finlay reviews the audio book version of this little known DH Lawrence novella...

  2. A Beautiful Lie: Irfan Master

    A Beautiful Lie: Irfan Master  

    Lesley Finlay reviews A Beautiful Lie, the classy debut novel by Irfan Master

  3. Theodore Boone: John Grisham

    Theodore Boone: John Grisham  

    Allison Johnstone looks at John Grisham's first novel for children...

  4. Noticeboard March 2011

    Noticeboard March 2011  

    All the news and views from the world of culture...

  5. A sizeable challenge

    A sizeable challenge  

    The Big Ballet company is set to challenge our views on appearance. LESLEY FINLAY looks at the birth of this amazing dance troupe...

  6. Pass it on


    This is the news your less literary colleagues might be interested in...

  7. Video made this artist a star

    Video made this artist a star  

    Nam June Paik was a visionary artist who is at last receiving the acclaim he deserves as reviewers JOANNE BALDWIN and ALISS LANGRIDGE found out...

  8. Leave the classics alone!

    Leave the classics alone!  

    A new edition of Huckleberry Finn is about to hit the shops with the ‘bad words’ left out. But we all know that great literature reflects the period in which it was written and that includes language. Should editors and publishers keep their hands off? LESLEY FINLAY asked Ink Pellet readers what they think…

  9. A princely production

    A princely production  

    Hamlet continues to be the Shakespeare of choice for directors and educators. Ink Pellet reviewer JULIA PIRIE saw the National Theatre production in Nottingham and now understands why…

  10. Keith Gaines: Facing the facts

    Keith Gaines: Facing the facts  

    Keith Gaines examines Michael Gove's drive to add more facts into the education system. But has the Education Secretary got his facts right..?