Jane Eyre

  1. Jane Eyre – National Theatre

    Jane Eyre – National Theatre  

    Given how many films and TV adaptations there have been over the years it takes real imaginative flair to do something original with this text. Sally Cookson and her team have certainly come up with a different concept. The Littleton proscenium is presented as a huge white curtained hollow box within which designer Michael Vale […]

  2. Theatre: Jane Eyre

    Theatre: Jane Eyre  

    Elena Mozzato was blown away by this sensitive and thoughtful production of Charlotte Bronte's well-worn classic in two parts...

  3. Eyre we go again

    Eyre we go again  

    LESLEY FINLAY took her cinema seat to see the latest adaptation of Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre...

  4. Budding film-makers look here!


    There is plenty of action for young film-makers to learn more about their craft. LESLEY FINLAY has a round-up...