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  1. Noticeboard: June


    The latest news and views in the world of the arts...

  2. April: Noticeboard

    April: Noticeboard  

    The Black Country Living Museum in Dudley has been granted ‘designated status’ by Arts Council England for ‘representing a vital part of national cultural heritage’. So what’s all the fuss about? The museum, which lies in the shadow of Dudley Castle, celebrates the Black Country’s industrial past with two mine shafts, limekilns and a canal […]

  3. A day in the life: Karen Eslea

    A day in the life: Karen Eslea  

    Can art help to regenerate Margate, this famous but fading seaside town? Karen Eslea, the Head of Learning at the Turner Contemporary gallery, which opened earlier this year, believes it can. As she explained to LESLEY FINLAY, her working day involves engaging with local people to welcome and inspire them…

  4. Noticeboard November


    To Ink Pellet’s own Ode To Autumn, the season of mellow fruitfulness and…err..,poetry. October has been designated National Poetry Month, an honour it shares with Black History Month – both specials being imports from our friends across the pond, did you know? Still, our ambassadors of this increasingly popular and accepted art form have been […]

  5. Visual arts: Funding the future


    Art galleries have to do more than hang pictures on walls, they have to deliver education programmes, to innovate, and be relevant. They may also have to save towns in decline. Along with these pressures, the scramble for Arts Council money came on top. LESLEY FINLAY profiles some of the lucky winners…