The Garbage King  

The Garbage King

Unicorn Theatre

This review was written by Adam Trizinski, a year 8 student from Ashcroft Technology Academy, who wrote it as part of the Unicorn’s Young Critics scheme.  

 This play is called The Garbage King. I was expecting it would be about a homeless person that became a king, but this is not what this was about. 

The storyline was so great and it made you feel like you were right there in the action because the audience were so close to the stage. 

I especially liked the set, it really looked as if it was a real rubbish dump. As soon as I walked in I knew the play was set in a poor country because of the floor covered in rubbish and the graves made from pieces of wood and rubbish. 

The props were so simple, but so effective. For example the dog Suri was made from an old hairdryer, but it was exactly the right shape for a dog’s head.

 I loved the way the same actors were used for different characters. For example, Richard Pepple played Dani’s father and a gang member. 

The costumes were brilliant; the clothes looked as if they had been worn for ages. The use of a simple cloth could make a whole new character. 

The lighting was very effective. At moments it looked like it was the sun shining down. 

I loved the way they used flashback so easily to show how the story started. 

One element of the performance that was strong was the brass cows. Even though the actors held the horn-shaped brass above their heads they really gave the effect that they were real cows. 

Overall I would give the actors 10/10 and the play 10/10.