Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner? Trestle!  

We would host a dinner party at Trestle Arts Base, a beautifully converted chapel on the edge of St Albans. The guests would be warmly welcomed into the theatre space and invited to sit at a trestle table, decorated with evocative objects from our recent explorations into Spanish dance, Indian and African storytelling and Eastern European song.
We would create the food and drink ourselves – we are renowned for pioneering soups (butter nut and nut butter), and cakes (chocolate fridge cake made in the mould of a trestle mask). Homemade nettle beer would be offered up and endless cups of tea.
At the table would sit Jim Broadbent, our loyal patron. Jim is an actor of great integrity and he would grace the proceedings with tales from the worlds of film, television and theatre.
The visionary educator Ken Robinson would be there to ensure that collaborative creativity lies at the heart of the dinner party. He would, no doubt, question, subvert and evolve the notion of a dinner party discussion and make the evening thoroughly experiential.
To maintain the anarchic spirit of Trestle’s masks, Harlequin, the Commedia dell ‘Arte half masked character, would be invited to entertain, steal food, mimic and amuse.
Kate Bush would be there; she has been making eclectic music and evolving her idiosyncratic quality for as long as Trestle, over the past 30 years. As the evening progresses, she may be persuaded to give a rare live performance.
Yoshi Oida is an international theatre maker whose influence inspires Trestle’s Unmasked work; he is a performer, director, teacher and one of Peter Brook’s close collaborators. He has combined eastern and western theatre traditions and ancient and contemporary artistry to create a unique physical theatre style.
Also at the table would be an innovative young woman, Rose, who is just starting her career in theatre. She would capture party moments, instantly communicate them through social media and remind those assembled of the provocation and potential of youthful creativity.

And you are…?

Name: The Trestle Theatre Company. Very catchy but what are your names? Too numerous to name here but here’s a few to keep you going… Emily Gray (artistic director), Jo Salkilld (executive director), Rachel Lloyd (Arts Base manager)…okay, okay, we get the picture…
Job: Creating innovative, inspirational physical storytelling theatre…we produce a variety of professional shows, classes and community events and go out to schools to show our wonderful work.
Anything else? Coming up is another collaboration with Blindeye The Man with the Luggage, inspired by Eugène Ionesco’s play of the same name.