We hear from former Ink Pelletian Laura Woodland who is in the West Country working on Somerfest, a folk festival for young people by young people. The event runs from April 2 and ends with an all-day shindig on April 7th. There are workshops and events to excite and inspire all week. At the helm is artistic director Will Lang, who has brought together dancers, singers and music. There will also be a silent ceidlh and open mic session. Somerfest takes place at Halsbury Manor. Seek more details by following the links at www.halsburymanor.co.uk.

The Museum of Science & Industry in Manchester, is featuring an exhibition of exceptionally small things with its Giants of the Infinitesimal: An Interactive Experience of the Nano-World. This interactive exhibition presents cutting-edge nanoscience research. Have a go on large-scale models to find out how scientists create completely new atomic structures and learn about amazing nanomachines. The exhibition is a unique collaboration between artists and scientists and runs to March 31. Find more details at www.mosi.org.uk.

History students will know that Joan of Arc was born 600 years ago, so watch out for connections in our press, art galleries and theatres. The Rose Bankside, the company will be performing George Bernard Shaw’s Saint
Joan later this year – we’ll let you know when!

The Cultural Olympiad brings with it great opportunities to explore the arts in all its forms while learning about sport, London, the universe and… errr… everything. The BBC is leading the way with programmes on TV and radio, backed up with more information online than you ever thought possible. One to watch includes a series of films made in conjunction with Film Four. The Swimmer is a poetic journey through the waterways and coastline of the British Isles, following a lone swimmer through lakes, rivers and coves. Watch out too, for Music Nation, involving the National Orchestra of Wales which will be working with young singers performing a new commission for Music Nation by composer Karl Jenkins.