Big Interview

  1. Reaching for the Moon

    Reaching for the Moon  

    Susan Elkin paid a visit to Half Moon theatre in London’s East End to chat with CEO Chris Elwell about their extensive education outreach and innovative theatre programmes. Half Moon Theatre sits in the heart of Limehouse in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, spitting distance from the DLR and mainline station. Formerly a pretty […]

  2. Driving Force

    Driving Force  

    Jacqui O’Hanlon, 56, is Royal Shakespeare Company’s Director of Learning and National Partnerships. Susan Elkin spoke to her for Ink Pellet. Jacqui O’Hanlon is a petite powerhouse of passion for Shakespeare and everything his writing can do – it enhances every other aspect of life. Most enlightened teachers know a child who has suddenly blossomed […]

  3. Global Entertainment

    Global Entertainment  

    Kenny Wax is one of the country’s leading theatre producers with Six and The Show Goes Wrong series under his belt among many other productions. Susan Elkin meets him. Kenny Wax, 54, is a very focused man. Yes, the pandemic has made his life quite difficult, but the long gap means, he tells me, that […]

  4. Coming to England

    Coming to England  

    Floella Benjamin is an actor, singer, writer and member of The House of Lords with a major commitment to children’s welfare. Susan Elkin spoke to her about her work, life and forthcoming family stage show Coming to England Like many people of my generation, I have fond, warm happy memories of Floella Benjamin entertaining my […]

  5. Adapting with Pride

    Adapting with Pride  

    Isobel McArthur wrote, appears in, and co-directs Pride and Prejudice* (*sort of) which is running at the Criterion Theatre in London. Susan Elkin met her. They are rehearsing in an additional understudy. And I sit at the back of the empty stalls and watch the meticulous work until there’s a short “tea break” and Isobel […]

  6. Learn from a Maestro

    Learn from a Maestro  

    Susan Elkin visited prolific author and former Children’s Laureate Julia Donaldson to discuss her life, work and new tutorial course, Writing Children’s Picture Books.

  7. Vivid Direction

    Vivid Direction  

    Matthew Parker is a theatre director. His recent Henry V in the Roman Amphitheatre for Maltings Theatre, St Albans wowed Susan Elkin, herself a Henry V veteran, so she met him to find out more. I fell in love with theatre when I was four years old – and it was for life”, Matthew tells me, […]

  8. Passionate Artisite

    Passionate Artisite  

    Alexia Khadime is a talented actress of stage and screen, taking time to support others during the enforced closure of theatres. Susan Elkin caught up with her for a chat.

  9. Dear in the spotlight

    Dear in the spotlight  

    Producer, social commentator, author and now performer, Susan Elkin met the West End Producer to chat about his alter ego and recent successful Edinburgh run.

  10. THE BIG INTERVIEW: Beyond the Cart

    THE BIG INTERVIEW: Beyond the Cart  

    Having ‘retired’ from running their hugely successful company, Oily Cart, Susan Elkin caught up with Tim Webb and Dave Bennett to find out what the future now holds in store.