Ink Pellet’s book review section covers an eclectic selection of new fiction, teachers’ guides, audio books and classics.

Many of our reviews are written by teachers, so we have an expert eye on how texts will work in the classroom. We hope to create a useful archive of reviews so that you can use this as a reference. If you would like to join our panel of reviewers, please join in or email the editor We hope the section inspires you to share new fiction with your pupils or to revisit old favourites yourself

  1. Why we all need to get out more…

    Why we all need to get out more…  

    Do you have a list of ‘Places I Must Visit’? If so, make this summer break the time you leap into the car, guidebook in hand and fulfil those promises. It will do you the world of good as LESLEY FINLAY found…

  2. Great adaptations

    Great adaptations  

    Lesley Finlay, along with ink Pellet readers, explores the sometimes controversial world of film adaptations… FILM adaptations pop up every now and then – always producing great debate among the literati about how true or not the director, screenplay writer and producer have remained to the original. Many love the gay abandon a director uses […]

  3. Keith Gaines – all change (again)

    Keith Gaines – all change (again)  

    We live in interesting times. since the last issue of Ink Pellet we’ve had the sats boycott, the general election, a new coalition love-in government, new leaders, a new department and a new set of education policies. The Ks 2 sats boycott was amazing. that the nUt voted to boycott sats was hardly headline grabbing, […]

  4. Picasso: a lover and a fighter

    Picasso: a lover and a fighter  

    A major new exhibition explores the war years of Pablo Picasso. Lesley Finlay and Joanne Baldwin take a look…

  5. Big Interview – Jonathan Harvey

    Big Interview – Jonathan Harvey  

    Life is all about timing and playwright Jonathan Harvey knows a thing or two about it – in terms of comedy, of course.