Pause for Thought

  1. School Shows

    School Shows  

    Never underestimate the power of a school production – for every single person involved. When you meet former students, sometimes from decades back in my case, it’s usually taking part in Oliver! or A Midsummer Night’s Dream that they reminisce about with shining eyes. Most importantly it’s a terrific bonding exercise. We hear a lot […]

  2. Pause for thought… Panto

    Pause for thought… Panto  

    Susan Elkin, a stalwart of hundreds of pantos, implores you to continue introducing live performance to your cohorts through this quintessentially British institution. As we embark on the season of mists, mellow fruitfulness and new pencils my thoughts turn to pantomime. Oh yes they do… I’ll say that before anyone else does and get it […]

  3. Pause for thought… Critical Thinking

    Pause for thought… Critical Thinking  

    With years of experience behind her, Susan Elkin discusses the art of a theatre critic. I see an average of four to five shows a week. And I review them – as keen readers of Ink Pellet will be aware – here and elsewhere. They range from one person shows in fringe theatres to big musicals. […]

  4. Advice for the determined

    Advice for the determined  

    Susan Elkin proffers some sage advice for those exploring the options for drama training and looking for a career in the theatre. So what do you tell a talented, theatre-loving student who wants to be an actor? Traditionally parents and teachers simply dowsed her or him in cold water by observing that actors spend most […]

  5. Pause for thought…

    Pause for thought…  

    To Kill a Mockingbird is one of the 20th century’s most important novels. Published in 1960, and winner of the Pulitzer Prize, it stated firmly that black lives matter very much – eight years before the death of Martin Luther King and 60 years before the death of George Floyd. Yes, the issues are still […]

  6. Pause for thought… Diversity = Inclusivity

    Pause for thought… Diversity = Inclusivity  

    Susan Elkin makes a case that cultural diversity should not be at the expense of inclusivity. I live in the London Borough of Lewisham. It is, I learned recently,  London’s most diverse borough. And that is one of the many things I love about it. When, five years ago, I moved back to my native borough […]

  7. Teaching Shakespeare

    Teaching Shakespeare  

    Don’t ignore the bard, implores Susan Elkin.

  8. Pause for thought… Value trad texts

    Pause for thought… Value trad texts  

    Susan Elkin implores you to maintain a broad reading list for younger readers, including titles perhaps now overlooked.

  9. Pause for thought… Why Arts Matter

    Pause for thought… Why Arts Matter  

    Susan Elkin makes a strong case for preserving and integrating arts opportunities in schools.

  10. Play them classical music

    Play them classical music  

    A lifelong lover of classical music, Susan Elkin extols its virtues and implores you to expose your students to more of it, for their benefit and possibly yours!