Antony Gormley

  1. Inbox: January 2015

    Inbox: January 2015  

    ANYONE WHO thinks ballet is not for boys, really should take a long look at the photograph here of Xander Parish, who will be starring in the Russian Ballet Icons Gala 2015. This gala evening is dedicated to the story of Russian ballet, and will be held on March 8 at the London Coliseum. Featuring […]

  2. Theatre: The Massacre at Paris/The Jew of Malta

    Theatre: The Massacre at Paris/The Jew of Malta  

    Lesley Finlay had a short and intense introduction to the works of Christopher Marlowe thanks to the dynamic work of the Fourth Monkey Theatre Company...

  3. Walk on the Wild Side

    Walk on the Wild Side  

    Towering sculptures rise from trees, others seem to leap out of hidden corners: such is the experience for visitors to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Ink Pellet explores this unique sanctuary for wildlife – not to mention a vast, living muse for artists and students...

  4. Stellar cast

    Stellar cast  

    Sculptor Louise Giblin has made a series of striking works featuring bodies of five Olympic champions. LESLEY FINLAY donned her go-faster shorts to find out more….

  5. History as art

    History as art  

    Liz Crow’s work Resistance deals with the Nazi programme Aktion T4, which targeted disabled people. LESLEY FINLAY spoke to the film maker to find out more…