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Ink Pellet’s book review section covers an eclectic selection of new fiction, teachers’ guides, audio books and classics.

Many of our reviews are written by teachers, so we have an expert eye on how texts will work in the classroom. We hope to create a useful archive of reviews so that you can use this as a reference.

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We hope the section inspires you to share new fiction with your pupils or to revisit old favorites yourself.

  1. A Beautiful Lie: Irfan Master

    A Beautiful Lie: Irfan Master  

    Lesley Finlay reviews A Beautiful Lie, the classy debut novel by Irfan Master

  2. Theodore Boone: John Grisham

    Theodore Boone: John Grisham  

    Allison Johnstone looks at John Grisham's first novel for children...

  3. Millions The Play: Frank Cottrell Boyce

    Millions The Play: Frank Cottrell Boyce  

    INDIA LETCHER reviews Frank Cottrell Boyce's play Millions...

  4. Spur of the Moment: Anya Reiss

    Spur of the Moment: Anya Reiss  

    Allison Johnstone whips through the acclaimed debut play by Anya Reiss,,

  5. Billionaire Boy: David Walliams

    Billionaire Boy: David Walliams  

    Is there nothing Mr David Walliams cannot do? Here ALISS LANGRIDGE reviews his cracking novel Billionaire Boy...

  6. Noticeboard


    If it's on it is in...

  7. Listen up to Marx and Engels


    The Communist Manifesto is being released by Naxos as an audio book. Lesley Finlay had a listen...

  8. Take another look at Wells

    Take another look at Wells  

    HG Wells is having something of a renaissance - but it is not his science fiction that is catching the eye but his quirky novels on society. Fresh from a reading of Kipps, Lesley Finlay looks at why it is still relevant...

  9. Happy New Edition of Ink Pellet


    Happy New Year to you all! I hope you had a good one and that your belt doesn’t need too much adjusting! We hope you find time in between the New Year, New You regime to snuggle up with your copy of Ink Pellet – or do the next best thing and have a browse […]

  10. A rattling journey through time

    A rattling journey through time  

    Alan Gibbons's second instalment of the Hell's Underground series is a challenging but exciting tale that takes readers back in time to 1940. Reviewer ALISS LANGRIDGE joined the adventure...