1. Talking Heads – BBC iPlayer

    Talking Heads – BBC iPlayer  

    Talking Heads – BBC iPlayer Review by Susan ElkinIt was an inspiration to recreate during lockdown the series of twelve monologues which Alan Bennett wrote for TV in 1998. The original series – and the printed text – will be very familiar to many secondary English and Drama teachers as a way of teaching what monologues...

  2. Book Review: Run, Rebel

    Book Review: Run, Rebel  

    Amber has an abusive, drunken father and a terrified mother who works in a menial, low paid job. Neither of her illiterate parents speak English. An arranged marriage, like her sister’s, will be Amber’s future rather than the higher education she craves...

  3. Pause for thought… Why Arts Matter

    Pause for thought… Why Arts Matter  

    Susan Elkin makes a strong case for preserving and integrating arts opportunities in schools.

  4. Coffee Break: Manjeet Mann

    Coffee Break: Manjeet Mann  

    Actress, playwright and author of a new young adult novel, Run, Rebel, Manjeet Mann who founded Run the World, a non-profit making organisation which works with women and girls from marginalised backgrounds and helps to empower them through sport and storytelling. Susan Elkin chats to her.

  5. Back to the future

    Back to the future  

    Don’t ignore apprenticeships as a viable alternative route to a creative career. Susan Elkin looks at several providers and chats to recent participants. You’re 18 or so and you desperately want to work in theatre – not as an actor, but as a backstage creative. So should you go to drama school or university for […]

  6. 2020 Visions to Savour

    2020 Visions to Savour  

    Guiding you through the upcoming year of exhibition highlights, Graham Hooper suggests making time for these exciting shows. This is the time to look back on what a good year 2019 was for art, and the best time for planning ahead to 2020; whether you intend to take a class of students on a study […]

  7. Stage Schools – tell parents to tread carefully

    Stage Schools – tell parents to tread carefully  

    Susan Elkin is encouraged by the breadth of stage schools, but suggests eyes need to be wide open. Stage schools are big business. They are also a bit of a minefield. How do you balance ensuring that children get performing arts opportunities against the decline of those same opportunities in mainstream schools and everyone’s need […]

  8. Holes on stage

    Holes on stage  

    Adam Penford, Artistic Director of Nottingham Playhouse, has a passion for storytelling. As he prepares to bring a much-loved story about friendship and doing the right thing to the stage, he shows our imaginations ensure there are no barriers to bringing great tales to life. For the 1.5 million-plus people who have bought the book […]

  9. Mary Poppins – Prince Edward Theatre

    Mary Poppins – Prince Edward Theatre  

    It’s techni-colourful and so tuneful that it really doesn’t matter much if the magic’s a bit thin and it sometimes feels a bit like a variety show strong on spectacular set pieces, but light on narrative focus. So rather than carping, swallow that spoonful of sugar with Mary (Zizi Strallen) rather than treacle and brimstone […]



    By Michael BrayPublished by Nick Hern Books Yet another good title in NHB’s So you want to … series, this book will help fill in gaps for students who think their training is selling them short. It would also be a good basic introduction for any student or actor just embarking on screen actor training. […]