King Lear

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    It’s bizarre but true: Brian ‘boom boom’ Blessed has never before played King Lear on stage. True, true, true! Now that particular anomaly is set right with the actor’s debut in the role at Holy Trinity Church Guildford from January 17 for 25 performances. He will also be performing alongside his daughter Rosalind who will […]

  2. Theatre review: My Perfect Mind

    Theatre review: My Perfect Mind  

    Lesley Finlay enjoyed delving in My Perfect Mind, as Told by an Idiot...

  3. What’s on: Shakespeare


    A mini round-up of the best of Shakespeare productions...

  4. Tragedy is no laughing matter

    Tragedy is no laughing matter  

    As if the crunching and rustling of sweet papers is not enough to drive theatregoers wild, there are also the echoes of inappropriate laughter to deal with. It’s enough to drive you wild, says teacher PETER KING…

  5. Leave the classics alone!

    Leave the classics alone!  

    A new edition of Huckleberry Finn is about to hit the shops with the ‘bad words’ left out. But we all know that great literature reflects the period in which it was written and that includes language. Should editors and publishers keep their hands off? LESLEY FINLAY asked Ink Pellet readers what they think…

  6. Big Interview: Ruth Leon

    Big Interview: Ruth Leon  

    Ruth Leon set herself a mission in life back in the Sixties – to share with the world her love of the theatre and in particular her love of the musicals. LESLEY FINLAY caught up with the gregarious theatre critic to see if she is achieving her aim...

  7. A new place to play

    A new place to play  

    The RSC finally gets down to business with performances at its stunning new theatre...

  8. Classics at the cinema

    Classics at the cinema  

    Thanks to technology, more and more of us can enjoy top theatre in a very different way...