Ship ahoy! Pericles has docked  

We will publish a full review in Ink Pellet in September, when Pericles is but a distant memory. But what a great re-telling – bright, colourful and engaging.
Natalie Abrahami, who we interviewed in June’s Ink Pellet, kept the story simple that suited all members of the mixed audience (youngsters with mums, schoolchildren, American and other tourists).
The first half was a bit clunky as there was a lot to do – set the scene, attune ears to language, remember the wonderful pirates’ chant – but after a long break for ice cream, the storytelling picked up culminating in such a warm-hearted reunion between Pericles (Gary Milner) and Marina (Hara Yannas), my young companion made an audible ‘ahh’, I had tears in my eyes, and the audience clapped and cheered in spontaneous delight.
More than a wonderful introduction to Shakespeare. Lovely!
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