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  1. Budding film-makers look here!


    There is plenty of action for young film-makers to learn more about their craft. LESLEY FINLAY has a round-up...

  2. We all scream for uScreen

    We all scream for uScreen  

    A new website is being launched this month that could help young people to develop film-making skills. LESLEY FINLAY found out more – and discovered even she could do it!

  3. Did he, or didn’t he?

    Did he, or didn’t he?  

    A new film is set to spark debate about the authorship of Shakespeare’s plays. ALISS LANGRIDGE went to the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust to find out more….

  4. Pass it on: September 2011


    Tell your history colleagues about these little gems...

  5. The marvellous mind of Magritte

    The marvellous mind of Magritte  

    You will know a work inspired by René Magritte – Pink Floyd album covers for a start. ALISS LANGRIDGE and JOANNE BALDWIN went to Tate Liverpool to find out more about the man who created work that challenges and inspires...

  6. Making do – and mending

    Making do – and mending  

    Just what is the impact of arts cuts on young people – whose lives lose a little richness – plus the thousands of creatives working hard to offer a great experience for them? The Trestle Theatre Company lost its Arts Council funding this year and its artistic director, EMILY GRAY, shared with us the impact the cuts have had on them...

  7. Theatre review: Butley


    Dominic West leads a stunning class in a revival of Simon Gray's marvellous work, Butley. LESLEY FINLAY went in to see it...

  8. Cy Twombly dies


    Cy Twombly, the American artist, died in his beloved Rome this week. We add our thoughts...

  9. Turner Prize shortlist


    The Turner Prize shortlisted artists will have their work displayed at the BALTIC in Gateshead. But who are these people?

  10. Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner? Trestle!

    Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner? Trestle!  

    When we approached Emily Gray, the artistic director of Trestle Theatre Company, she decided she couldn’t possibly host her dinner party alone. She would just have to enlist the help of the whole company. Here is their dinner table …