Meet John Hopley, the editor of Ink Pellet. He is a bit of a traditionalist (Jane Austen, the Brontes, Shakespeare, Dickens…) who is developing a love of modern teen fiction.
These are just some of our occasional musings on life in the arts world in Stage Whispers, the every day tale of everyday magazine folk…

  1. How I won a place at drama school

    How I won a place at drama school  

    Student ALEX RYE shares her experience from choosing a school to winning a place at performing arts school...

  2. How to succeed at an audition

    How to succeed at an audition  

    Deadlines for drama school are whooshing by. But the good news is that students wishing to apply for next year’s courses have plenty of time to start preparing. MATTHEW TURNBULL from Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts gives us some great advice...

  3. Partners in Shakespeare

    Partners in Shakespeare  

    Funding for the arts is a real hot potato – organisations, in the face of draconian cuts to budgets, have been told to draw on the generosity of big business. The partnership between Deutsche Bank and Shakespeare’s Globe started long before serious austerity was an issue. Now in its eighth year, Playing Shakespeare with Deutsche Bank continues to make a real, effective and sustainable difference to students and teachers, as LESLEY FINLAY found out...

  4. Noticeboard: April


    The latest news and views from around the world of art for our APRIL edition...

  5. Pass it on: April

    Pass it on: April  

    The first We Day. Anyone heard of it? Okay, let’s try this then: Remember the photograph of dashing Prince Harry kissing his on-off ‘squeeze’ Cressida Bonas at Wembley Arena last month? [Apologies for coming over all ‘tabloid’!] That was We Day. Still none the wiser? Sadly the message was generally lost in this kiss. The […]

  6. Noticeboard: Theatre special


    The wonderful Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is still holding court at Theatre Royal, Drury Lane.  Book now to see the new cast which includes Barry James (Grandpa Joe), Josefina Gabrielle (Mrs Teavee), Richard Dempsey and Kirsty Malpass as Mr and Mrs Bucket, and Alex Jennings (Willy Wonka).  The new cast’s first performance is on […]

  7. Walk on the Wild Side

    Walk on the Wild Side  

    Towering sculptures rise from trees, others seem to leap out of hidden corners: such is the experience for visitors to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Ink Pellet explores this unique sanctuary for wildlife – not to mention a vast, living muse for artists and students...

  8. Pass it on February

    Pass it on February  

    A couple of useful snippets to share with your history colleagues...

  9. Gaskell’s Open House

    Gaskell’s Open House  

    Elizabeth Gaskell’s work was dismissed in the early 20th century as too provincial. Thankfully all that has changed. Now the life and works of the novelist are to be preserved at her former home, thanks to a painstaking restoration...

  10. January 2014: Noticeboard

    January 2014: Noticeboard  

    January is a month of promise, a time of to do lists, and planning so here goes...